Ask Us / General FAQs

Boards and Commissions

How can I serve on a city board or commission?
What boards and commissions does the city have to advise the City Council?
What is the Active Adult Advisory Board?
What is the Building Code Advisory Board?
What is the Businesses of Thornton Advisory Commission?
What is the Election Commission?
What is the Local Licensing Authority?
What is the Parks and Open Space Advisory Commission?
What is the Thornton Arts, Sciences and Humanities Council (TASHCO)?

City Council

How can I contact my council member?
How can I find out what Ward I live in?
How can I view Council meeting agendas and minutes?
How is Thornton's government structured?
When are City Council meetings?
Who are my elected officials?

Concerns About City Services

How can I report a concern about city operations?

Elections and Voter Information

How can I find information on the Adams County Election Office?
How do I find information about municipal elections and candidate requirements?
How do I register to vote?
How does the election process work?

Emergency Numbers and Alerts

How can I have my phone number added to or removed from the emergency notification list?
How do I learn about severe weather and other emergency alerts?
Who do I call for emergencies?

Information for New Residents

Where can I find information for new residents?

Other City Information

Do you have a complaint about Comcast that has not been resolved?
How can I post information on the KTTV-8 community bulletin board?
How can I report a broken link on the city's website?
How do I report missing or old information on the website?
How is the city responding to COVID-19?
How is Thornton's government structured?
What is my local city TV channel and is it available online?
What is the history of the city of Thornton?
What will I find on the city of Thornton's website?

Other Government Agencies

How do I get to Denver International Airport?
How do I obtain a birth or death certificate?
What is the Metro North Chamber of Commerce?
Where are the libraries in Thornton?
Where are the U.S. Post Office locations in Thornton?
Where can I obtain a driver license?
Where do I go to get license plates?
Who provides landline phone service in Thornton?
Who provides the city's electrical and gas service?


How do I apply for a passport?

Public Transportation

What are the FlexRide buses I have seen driving around?
When will RTD's N-Line (North Metro Line) open between Eastlake • 124th Station and end of line near CO 7?
Where do the bus routes run and where are the bus stops in Thornton?
Who maintains the bus shelters and bus benches in Thornton?

Risk Management

How do I contact the city's Risk Management Office?
How do I file a claim?
How do I get involved in volunteer emergency training?

Search or Request Open Records

How can I view city records or submit a public record request?

Volunteer Thornton

How can I volunteer to help with city programs and services?
How do I get involved in volunteer emergency training?

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