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What is the Thornton Arts, Sciences and Humanities Council (TASHCO)?

The Thornton Arts, Sciences and Humanities Council (TASHCO) is a 501(c)(3) citizen board that supports and cultivates artistic, cultural, historical and scientific activities in the City of Thornton. Thornton City Council appoints the TASHCO board of directors. City Arts and Culture staff provide administrative support to the TASHCO Board of Directors.

The vision of TASHCO is to capture the hearts and minds of all Thornton Citizens and enhance the quality of their lives through exposure and involvement in the arts, sciences and humanities. TASHCO supports community arts and culture groups such as the Thornton Community Band, Thornton Community Chorus, Young Artists Festival and Adams County Genealogical Society.

Each year TASHCO facilitates cultural programming and arts in Thornton and Adams County with grant funding from the Scientific Cultural Facilities District.

TASHCO meets on the second Monday of every other month; their first meeting is in January. Learn more here TASHCO

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