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Who are my elected officials?

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The voters of the City elect a mayor and eight council members. There are two council members that represent and are elected from each of the City's four wards. The mayor is elected by all voters in the City.

The mayor and council members for the City of Thornton are as follows:

Mayor, Jan Kulmann
Ward 1,Vacant 
Ward 1, Kathy Henson 
Ward 2, Jessica Sandgren
Ward 2, Julia Marvin
Ward 3, David Acunto
Ward 3, Tony Unrein
Ward 4, Adam Matkowsky
Ward 4, Karen Bigelow 

 If you would like to find out which Ward you reside in use the link below.  You may zoom in to your neighborhood, or type your address in the search box to find it on the map. Click on an individual ward on the map for a more detailed view of that ward.

Ward Map

If you would like additional information on City Council, please visit the City Council Page or please contact the City Clerk's office at 303-538-7230.

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