Code Enforcement / Property Maintenance

Garage Sales

What are the rules for garage sales?

Graffiti Removal Program

What if my property has been vandalized by graffiti?

Illegal Dumping and Prohibited Discharges

How do I report illegal dumping or a prohibited discharge?

Junk / Litter and Outside Storage

What can I do about junk, litter, trash and items stored outside?

Noise Regulations

How can I report problems with noise?

Other Possible City Code Violations

Are there other kinds of City Code violations?
How do I report a concern about a mobile food truck operating in Thornton?
How do I report a public sidewalk that needs to be cleared of snow or ice?
Who removes the snow and ice from city-maintained sidewalks and trails?

Potential Building Code Violation

How can I report a potential violation of the Building Code?
When is a building permit required?

Questions about Receiving a Notice

What if I have questions about a violation notice I received?

Short-Term Rentals

Are short-term rentals allowed in Thornton?
How do I submit a complaint about a short-term rental?
Is a license required to operate a short-term rental?

Street or Sidewalk Obstruction

How do I report a sidewalk or street obstruction?

Temporary Signs

What are the rules for displaying temporary signs next to city streets?

Vehicle Regulations

Can I get a permit to park my RV, motor home, or trailer on the street?
What are the laws for vehicles and recreational vehicles?

Weeds and Landscaping

What can I do about high weeds or trees and bushes that need to be cut?
Who maintains the area along city streets?

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