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How do I report a traffic accident?

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No matter how safely you drive, chances are some day you'll be involved in an accident. Regardless of who is at fault, it's important that you know what to do.

If you are involved in an accident, there are several things you are legally required to do... First, you must stop at the scene of the accident or as close to the scene as possible without blocking traffic. Even before the arrival of police, you may move the vehicles if they are a traffic hazard and the vehicles have minor damage. Second, give any help you can if someone is obviously injured. Don't attempt to move an injured person from a wrecked vehicle unless you have the necessary medical training or there is another immediate danger, such as a fire.  Do not move vehicles without police authorization. Third, report the accident to the police as quickly as possible. This includes accidents that occur on private property, that involve personal injury, death, vehicle or property damage, hit and run, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and no insurance. Fourth, exchange information with other people involved in the accident as soon as possible. This includes name, address and driver's license number of other drivers; license plate numbers; names and addresses of anyone injured; names and addresses of any witnesses; name, address and insurance policy number from other vehicle owners. Be sure to notify your own insurance company immediately.  

If you have had an accident with an unattended vehicle, you must make a reasonable effort to find the owner of the vehicle or the owner of other property that may be damaged as a result of the accident. If no one can be located, leave a note that can be easily found at the scene of the accident. Include your name, address, driver’s license number, the date and time of the accident, and an estimate of the damages. You must also report the accident to the police.

You must also file a Financial Responsibility Act form within ten days with the Department of Motor Vehicles if you are the driver of a vehicle involved in an accident where a driver does not have insurance. Failure to file may result in the loss of your driver’s license and vehicle registration. Financial Responsibility Act forms are available from the Department of Motor Vehicles, the State Patrol, or the Thornton Police Department.

For additional information, call Thornton police at 720-977-5124, or 720-977-5150.

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