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How can I have my fingerprints taken?

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Colorado Applicant Background Services (CABS) program

Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) awarded contract for the CABS program to Idemia (Identogo). The program includes online pre-enrollment and appointment scheduling, agency-specific service codes provided by each vendor to reduce rejections due to card data errors, ID authentication, reporting functionality for tracking and auditing, physical receipts and many more requirements the CBI mandated each vendor must have in place to be allowed to participate in the program.


Appointment Scheduling Website:

Phone: (844) 539-5539 (toll-free)

IdenoGO FAQs:

Applicants MUST contact their employing or licensing agencies for the following before scheduling. You can also schedule your fingerprint online.

Service Code: Six-character code that encompasses the correct Reason for Fingerprinting, CBI SDDS account, fee and other unique data requirements. The Service Code is obtained from your employing or licensing agency.

Day Care License Number: Required for childcare-type agency applicants to identify the employer for the applicant during response/results processing.

For more information on fingerprinting, please visit,

**American BioIdentity (Colorado Fingerprinting) is NOT a vendor to use at this time until approved by Colorado Bureau of Investigation. 


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