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What are the city's requirements for decks, porches, and patios?

Decks and Patios are allowed in most residential districts.

Deck/Porches in Front Yard

  1. All decks require a Building Permit.
  2. Decks/porches in front yard must be compatible (materials, colors) to existing home, meet setback requirements, and must not be located in any easements.
  3. Decks greater than 480 square feet require a Minor Development Permit (MDP) in the front yard only.

Deck/Porches in the Rear Yard

  1. All decks/porches require a building permit.
  2. Decks between thirty inches (30”) and eight feet (8’) in height may encroach into the required rear setback up to the feet (10’) from the rear property line, as long as they do not encroach into any easements. Some properties may have different deck/porch requirements or restrictions.
  3. Enclosed decks must meet the required building setbacks.
  4. Decks over eight feet (8’) tall must meet the full-required rear setback, which prevents decks from “looming” over a neighbor’s property.
  5. Deck/Patio should be of compatible materials and colors to the existing home.


  1. Patios that are flat groundwork with no roof (i.e. pergola), such as a concrete or brick pad, do not need a permit.

Note: Pergolas require a building permit.

Click here to go to the Development Applications page (Minor Development Permit).

Click here to go to the Building Inspection page (for building permits).

For more information on Decks, Porches and Patios, or to find out what your specific setbacks are, or if you have an easement on your property, contact the City Development Department at (303) 538-7295


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