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Does the city of Thornton have a juvenile firesetter intervention program?

The Thornton Fire Department receives referrals from a variety of sources including parents, other agencies, and the courts, about juveniles who are experimenting with fire in our community. Our Public Education Officer is available to assess any juvenile in the community in regard to his or her fire starting behavior and make appropriate recommendations. Juvenile firesetting is extremely dangerous and should not be dismissed as a phase or simple curiosity. Do not ignore it! Every fire started by a child is significant no matter the size or how much it destroys. Please ask for assistance for a child starting fires as early as possible. All juveniles who have a contact with the Thornton Fire Department will receive fire safety education and training.

Please call our Public Education Officer, at 720-872-6092, for additional information about our juvenile firesetter intervention program.  

Updated 7/12/2018 1:32 PM
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