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Do you have an escape plan and meeting place if there is a fire in your home?

The Thornton Fire Department asks you to consider what you would do if you experienced a fire in your home. Would you know how to get out safely and what steps to take?

Too few people actually develop and practice a home fire escape plan. We encourage each of the citizens in our community to plan and practice so that you are prepared for a successful escape. Start by drawing a simple floor plan of your home and involve all of your family members. Make sure everyone in your household knows two ways out of every room. Check to be sure windows are not painted shut or blocked, and that a child could easily open the window in an emergency. If you live in a two or three story home, consider purchasing an escape ladder at a local hardware store and practice using it.

Try practicing your escape plan at night, which is when most fires happen, and everyone will become more confident that they can escape safely. Remember to go to a meeting place once you have gotten safely out of your home, and take a headcount to see if anyone is left in the building.

During a real fire, do not go back in for any reason. Firefighters are trained and equipped to enter burning buildings and rescue people. For more information on exit drills in the home, please call our Public Education Officer at 720-872-6092.  Have a fire safe and injury free day!  

Updated 6/20/2018 10:16 AM
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