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Can I fly a drone in Thornton?

Category: Patrol Services

Thornton allows the flying of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), also known as drones, within the city limits, but there are several operational requirements:

  1. Drones may not be flown in a reckless manner.
  2. Drones cannot be used to observe another person or to capture/transmit an image, sound, or physical impression or digital record of another person that may be deemed as an intrusion on that person’s privacy.
  3. Drones cannot be used to harass or annoy another person or group of people by intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly buzzing or hovering within fifteen feet of a nonconsenting person or persons.
  4. Drones may not pose a threat to other aircraft in flight or to any persons or property on the ground.The use of a UAS may not pose a threat to any critical infrastructure within the City of Thornton.
  5. Drones cannot be launched or landed within 25 feet of any person, pedestrian, bicyclist, motorist, livestock, companion animal, or wildlife not directly involved in the UAS operation.

NOTE:  A UAS (drone) cannot be operated in a manner that impedes or in any way interferes with a police officer or firefighter performing their authorized duties and responsibilities or with any type of governmental emergency operation.

For further information, submit a My Thornton request or contact the dispatch center at 720-977-5150 to have a police officer contact you. 

To report a drone being operated unlawfully, contact the dispatch center at 720-977-5150 or call 911 for emergencies.

Requests submitted via My Thornton are not monitored 24/7.

Updated 5/3/2019 9:12 AM
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