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How do I report a malfunctioning traffic signal?

Category: Traffic Signals

Malfunctioning or damaged traffic signals should be reported to the Traffic Engineering and Operations Division at 720-977-6490 during normal business hours or 720-977-5150 outside normal business hours.

For traffic signals, a cycle is the amount of time it takes to serve all directions of travel at an intersection. To establish progression, or the ability to move traffic from one signal to the next along a corridor, the traffic signals on that corridor need to operate using the same cycle length. Larger intersections require a longer cycle. This means smaller adjacent intersections also need to use the same longer cycle. This can create some delay at smaller intersections, but it is necessary for trying to move traffic along the main street. In general, cycle lengths for traffic signals in Thornton range from 90 to 120 seconds depending on the time of day. If you are experiencing delay in excess of this range, there may be a malfunction with the traffic signal itself.

To report a delay issue contact Traffic Engineering at 720-977-6490, via email at, or submit a service request.

Updated 8/7/2020 11:03 AM
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