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How do I report a speeding issue?

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Thornton addresses residential speeding issues by partnering with neighborhoods under the iwatch Speed Awareness Neighborhood Program. Under the program, residents make a personal commitment to obeying traffic control devices and speed limits in their neighborhood. Also, neighborhoods designated as iwatch neighborhoods become eligible for installation of speed reduction devices like speed cushions and speed radar signs. To find out more information about the program or to find out if your neighborhood is already participating, contact Traffic Engineering at 720-977-6580via email at, or submit a service request.


Thornton addresses arterial speeding issues primarily through enforcement, with the Police Department and Traffic Engineering working together.  Traffic Engineering conducts speeds studies on the street in question.  The speed studies capture hour by hour speed data and traffic volumes.  This information is then provided to the Police Department so they can focus their enforcement efforts during periods when speeding is heaviest.  To report an arterial street speeding issue, contact Traffic Engineering at 720-977-6490 reach out via email at, or submit a service request.

Updated 8/10/2020 10:52 AM
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