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How can I get my neighbors to stop speeding?

Speeding is the most common concern the city of Thornton receives from neighborhoods. To address the concerns of citizens, the city uses the iwatch Speed Awareness program that creates a partnership between residents in the neighborhood and the city. It is vital that residents become a partner with the city in reducing neighborhood speeding. The city cannot solve the problem on its own and citizens cannot solve the problem by themselves. A combined effort between the city and residents is needed to have a sustained impact on speeding. The city asks that 50 percent of the homes in a neighborhood agree to participate in the iwatch speed awareness program and take the iwatch pledge. This ensures that the majority of the residents in a given community are being leaders in the effort to reduce speeding.

For more information on the iwatch program, or to participate, visit the iwatch website. You may also call 720-977-6580, reach out via email at, or submit a service request.

Updated 8/10/2020 10:48 AM
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