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Who do I contact to fix my street light?

Street lights along public streets in the city are owned and maintained by either Xcel Energy, United Power, or the city of Thornton. To streamline the repair of a street light, it is recommended that street light malfunctions, outages, or downed street lights be reported directly to the appropriate organization.

A few tips to determine which company to contact to report the outage:

  • A yellow and black tag is owned by either Xcel Energy or United Power. (Write down the tag number from the street light pole to expedite the report).
  • United Power street lights are generally located in the northeast area of the city, east of Holly Street and north of 104th Avenue. See Utility Company Service Area map for more detail.
  • A blue and white tag is owned and maintained by the city and the city should be contacted for repair.

Contact Information:

Response time for street light repairs varies by company.

For clarification on street light ownership, please contact Traffic Engineering at 720-977-6490, via email at, or submit a service request.
Updated 8/7/2020 11:02 AM
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