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Does Thornton allow chickens?

Chickens are allowed in Thornton if the following requirements are met:

  1. Backyard chickens can be kept at single-family detached homes, which is a home that is not attached to another.Chickens are not allowed on lots developed with attached dwellings, such as townhomes, apartments/condominiums, or paired homes (duplexes), or in manufactured home parks.
  2. Six chickens are allowed per single-family detached dwelling.
  3. Only chicken hens (female chickens) are allowed.Roosters (male chickens) are prohibited.
  4. Chickens must be kept in the backyard only, and a chicken coop must be provided.The yard must be fenced so that the chickens cannot leave the property.
  5. Chicken coops cannot exceed 120 square feet or seven feet in height, and must be placed at least five feet from the side and rear property lines. Only one coop is allowed.
  6. Coops must be fully enclosed to protect the chickens from predators and provide adequate shelter from inclement weather.
  7. A minimum of six square feet of space per chicken must be provided in the coop.
  8. During the day, chickens may roam the backyard or be kept in a chicken run.From dawn until dusk, the chickens must be kept inside the coop.
  9. Water must be provided at all times.
  10. Regular cleaning and removal of excrement is required.
  11. Chicken feed and waste must be stored in a manner to discourage attracting pests and predators.
  12. On-site butchering or slaughtering is prohibited.
  13. A permit is not required.
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