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What are the laws for soliciting in Thornton?

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A solicitor is anyone who engages in or attempts to engage in any type of personal contact for any reason at an entry point to a residence.  This includes persons selling products or services, those asking for support for not-for-profit groups or activities, political candidates, canvassers or pollsters, etc.

Soliciting is allowed in Thornton.  However, solicitors cannot attempt to contact anyone at a private residence if there is a sign clearly displayed with the words “no solicitors” or “no soliciting.”  Signs displayed at the entry to a neighborhood are not sufficient to meet this requirement, so residents should post signs at their own residence if they do not want to receive solicitations.  Solicitors are also required to leave the premises if the occupant instructs them to do so, regardless of whether there is a “no solicitors” or “no soliciting” sign displayed.

Problems with solicitors should be reported to the Police Department as soon as possible so that an officer has an opportunity to try to locate and contact the individual(s).  Contact the dispatch center at 720-977-5150 or call 9-1-1 for emergencies.  Requests submitted via My Thornton are not monitored 24/7.



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